Great article on the interwebs today about Retro Holiday Foods that have, according to the authors, gladly been forgotten…although…I’m not so sure…

I thought this Shrimp Christmas Tree was brilliant…it reminded me a little of Yinzerella’s Shrimp Sputniks from a few days ago.  I also loved that massive goblet of sauce… I had a little bet with myself that it would be nothing more than ketchup and mayo and…almost!

Shrimp Christmas Tree

I”m doing this…Christmas 2014, your name is Shrimp Christmas Tree.  Recipe here.

Funnily enough, this also reminded me of the lovely Yinzerella:

Cocktail Weenie Tree

Whereas this just made me giggle for hours.  Because I’m really a 12-year-old boy…

I’d ask what were they were thinking but it’s kind of  obvious….

Christmas Candle Salad

Full article here.

So, do you agree with the authors that these should be forgotten?  Or, like me have you been inspired to add some retro glam to your next Christmas party meal?

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