A few weeks ago Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers invited her readers to celebrate the launch of her book of Joan Crawford recipes by taking part in a cookalong.  I was so excited to be a part of this and I set Melbourne Cup Day as the day because strangely enough, I was going to be at the races on the actual day.

Jenny very kindly provided us with three of Joan’s recipes.  One was for Crepes Suzette.  Having recently had Crepes Suzette expertly cooked for me at the Lotus Blanc in Cambodia, I thought I might give this a miss.  I wasn’t sure my attempts at flipping and flaming would compare. However, I was well and truly up for the other two, starting with

Joan’s Crawford’s Danti-Chips

Joan Crawford's Danti-Chips
Joan Crawford’s Danti-Chips

I was so excited about these. I was even more excited when the jars of devilled ham were two for one at the local supermarket.

And then, dear readers, I made a newbie, amateur, doofus mistake.  Because logic should tell you that when you are confronted with a jar of pink paste called Devilled Ham, you just need to accept that all it contains is ham and…other….stuff.  Don’t ever go wondering what that other stuff might be.  For the love of all that’s good in the world….


And yes, I am shouting at you.  Because it was over a week ago and I still feel sick thinking about it. And you know, Deviled Ham was one of my pleasures in life.  Admittedly not high on the list but it was there.  And now it has gone.  Forever.  Just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I’m not going to tell you what was in it.  Just don’t read the label.  Even though now you really want to.  I know you do.  do not give into the temptation. Imagine that jar of Peck’s Paste is local Nazi Colonel and you are an oversexed French Cafe owner hiding some English airmen and a priceless painting of The Fallen Madonna with The Big Boobies and resist!

(And if you had absolutely no idea what that last bit was about, your parents obviously didn’t watch enough British sit coms during your formative years….

You can find out more about that particular tangent here:

‘Allo ‘Allo)

Or watch it here:

 So anyway, I chose the vegetarian option.  I used a mushroom and spinach tapenade for my chips.  He had the devilled ham, Far be it from me to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of life the way mine has been destroyed.  Plus, we have two jars of it to get through.     Ignorance?  Bliss. 

These do look really pretty though don’t they?  And they tasted really delicious.  I added some chopped up pickled chillies to my pickle garnish and they went really well with the other flavours as well as adding a little colour. 


 We ate these mid’-afternoon whilst watching the races. And believe me, it took no time at all for that plate to become this…

Where have all the Danti-Chips gone?
Where have all the Danti-Chips gone?


Later on in the evening it was time for the second of Joan’s recipes and….it’s making my mouth water even as I think about it.

Ooooohhhhh yeah…Steak with Roquefort come on down. (Although technically mine was Steak with Stilton as the local supermarket does not stock Roquefort).

Joan Crawford's Steak with Roquefort
Joan Crawford’s Steak with Roquefort

We had this with some kale and beans  I also doubled up with a book club recipe and made the Turmeric and Cumin Potatoes from Persiana.  Which were also super!

Steak with Roquefort
Steak with Roquefort


Persiana Turmeric and Cumin Potatoes
Persiana Turmeric and Cumin Potatoes

Meal to remember!!!!!

Steak and any sort of blue cheese is amazing.  And Joan’s little twist with the….not telling…you need to buy the book to find out….is awesome!

Oh, and if, like me you happen to have some leftover corn chips from the Danti-Chips and some leftover roquefort mixture from the steak you can combine these with any leftover kale and some very finely chopped red onions to create a delicious spin on Nachos the night after!

Leftover Nachos

Hopefully Joan would approve!!!

Thanks Jenny for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this!!!!  I loved the recipes and can’t wait to see the rest of the book!

 I think it’s only fair this week to have the sign off to come from the lady herself.  Have a fabulous week – maybe think about how you can add some old Hollywood glamour into your life.  And buy Jenny’s book!  If the recipes I tried are any reflection it will be awesome!!!

Link here:

Cooking with Joan Crawford

And remember

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  1. Taryn, this post made me laugh SO MUCH! Loved your absolute horror at the ingredients list of your devilled ham. We can’t even get that now in the UK so I can only guess…

    Thanks so much for being part of the Joan Crawford Virtual Reality Dinner Party – it was SO MUCH FUN. I’m going to do a blog and photo round up in the next week or so.

    I hear from another blogger (the lovely Lauren Hairston – http://laurenhairston.com/ ) who made the steak with Roquefort that Roquefort is now BANNED in the US. Perhaps the same in Australia? I have promised Lauren that if I ever go to Wichita, I will smuggle some Roquefort through customs under my hat. Same for you in Melbourne!

    The book is now OUT! Only available from http://www.blurb.com or blurb.co.uk for those based in the UK and in case your readers are interested – here’s the link:

    http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/5703260-cooking-with-joan-crawford – it’s a labour of love but it was fun to do.

    I am raising a Joan Crawford Cocktail in your general direction Taryn – cheers!

    • Hi Jenny, it was lots of fun to do!!!
      They lifted the ban on roquefort here last year but it is only available in specialty shops (and costs a fortune)!!! If you do ever make it this way though, my English partner has put in a smuggling request for some Hayward’s Red Cabbage and some PG Tips! And I would be happy just to see you!!!

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