Arrgghhhh!!!!  It’s been an intense couple of weeks and I realised this morning I had totally forgotten to announce who won the giveaway book.  So without any further ado, the winner is…

No, actually there will be a bit of further ado because, I just happen to have a very special guest here with me today.  Yes, it is Anne Marshall, editor of Australian Cooking For Today.  (If today was 1977).

Anne’s  “vast experience and knowledge of Australian cooking have gone into editing this colourful new book, which provides recipes and information for all occasions and for all types of cooks from beginner to gourmet”.

So, further ado over, take it away Anne and announce the winner of this wonderful book!

WinnerWell I cannot think of a more deserving winner than the lovely Yinzerella. I cannot wait to see what she decides to cook. 

Will she unleash the Zombie Apocalypse by cooking Brains and Eggs?

Will she resurrect Weiner Wednesday to cook the Frankfurter Roka Salad?

Will she take a walk on the weird side and make the Canned Pheasant Casserole?  (Main ingredient being 1 can whole roast pheasant in burgundy jelly. I have no idea if this is available anymore.  I have never seen it in any shop.  But I kind of hope it is still around. I hope right now someone somewhere in the world is tucking into some canned whole roast pheasant in burgundy in jelly. And that it’s not from 1977. 

Whatever Yinzerella does, it will be wonderful. I can’t wait to see it!

Australian Cooking For Today

Email me your deets, Yinz and I will get this behemoth in the mail to you soonest.

Have a great week!

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