Now, this one really has me bamboozled. 

My first reaction was “That’s one of the dumbest things I ever heard of.  Who puts spaghetti into an omelette?”

But then, I started thinking…what if you replaced the tomato puree with bacon?  Would you get something like a reverse carbonara?  What if you added fresh tomato?  And mushrooms? 

Might the Neapolitan Omelette not become something utterly delicious?

I’m throwing this one over to you in a couple of ways.

You can cook it and let me know. 

Or you can comment and let me know if you want me to cook it when I get home.

Or both…

Comment, send photo’s if you decide to make it and we’ll decide if this is a lost classic or if it should have been left in the 1970’s.


 Neapolitan Omelette

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2 Comments on MFCB 8 – The Neapolitan Omelette

  1. This sounds delicious to me, but then again, one of my childhood favorites was spaghetti sandwiches. (Leftover spaghetti and meat sauce between two slices of bread–carb heaven!) I’d suggest trying this one. 🙂

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