A quiche is an open-faced tart with a savoury custard filling.  It was originally made with bread dough but short pastry has been substituted in modern recipes. 

The pastry should be rolled as thinly as possible…there should be a lot of creamy filling on very little pastry.

– Margaret Fulton

Both of these look pretty good.  But I am very fond of a quiche so more is pretty much more for me!!!  But I totally understand why most people would prefer the understated elegance of the modern photo

Quiche Lorraine
Quiche Lorraine

 Here’s the recipe!

Quiche Lorraine recipeHope your week is fabulous.

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7 Comments on The Margaret Fulton Cookbook 10 – Quiche Lorraine

  1. I prefer the large amount of quiche in the older photo. I’m adding this too my menu for next week-it’s been far too long since I last had it.

      • By the way, this turned out very nicely. Good crust, with a creamy, custard-y filling contrasting with crispy bacon. My husband refused it eat it though, insisting he didn’t like quiche. What a weirdo.

  2. Has anyone got Margaret Fultons Wholefoods Cookbook? I can’t find mine and there is a spinach quiche/tart recipe in it that is great and wonder if someone wouldn’t mind giving me the recipe. Thank you. Jenny

    • Hi Jenny, I don’t have the Wholefoods Cookbook but I checked through the three Margaret Fulton cookbooks that I have for you and there is no recipe for spinach quiche or tart in any of them. If anyone else out there has the book, please let me know so I can pass on to Jenny.