The old saying tells us that revenge is a dish best served cold.   A new baking book will also have you believing that revenge is a dish best served sweet.  Sweet Revenge: Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies by Heather Kim, due to be released in January 2018 is a super fun read and contains over 50 sweet treats to help you weather the storm when life gets tough. 

Because you know what?  Sometimes when a girl has had gee, I dunno, a week of totally mixed messages and is feeling hurt betrayed and just downright shitty, she just needs a little something something to get her through the day.   And by something something I mean a shit ton of booze cake. Or pudding. Or some  totally amazing S’mores brownies aka…

S'mores Brownies Those of you who are regular readers will know that I adore a pun so the names of the recipes in this book were pure gold for me.

In additions to the Everyday I Regret You S’more Brownies you can also find:

  • Shut Your Stupid Cake Hole – a coconut mochi cake with sesame coconut pecan icing
  • Stop Texting Me You Crepe – a crepe cake with Oreos
  • You’re A Piece of Sheet Cake – a cinco leches cake with malted milk whipped cream and salted dulce de leche drizzle (OMG…yes!!!!!)
  • Go Fudge Yourself – Macinac Island chocolate fudge with white chocolate candied ramen
  • I Ain’t Puddin’ Up With You – Butterscotch puddin’ pots with chocolate sauce

Smores Brownies8

I was beside myself with joy at some of these.  Truly. And not just for the names. I mean cinco leches cake with malted milk whipped cream and salted dulce de leche drizzle sounds like heaven.  Who even knew there were that many leches?  But now I want all cinco of them baked in a cake.  With a   dulce de leche drizzle…

As for the S’mores Brownies, let’s start with the base which a dark, glossy, fudgy brownie which was ridiculously easy to make. 

Smores Brownies2Kim provides the recipe for home-made marshmallows to top this.  Being lazy, and in a hurry, I chose to buy some marshmallows.  Which all went wonderfully until….2 pink marshmallows short!!!!!

If you put these on the Brownies whilst they are still warm, they melt a little and fill some of the gaps between…sadly, not all of them!

Never mind, because we are about to cover it all with a Graham Cracker Streusel. And sprinkles!  And then, you get to blowtorch the hell out of it all.  Which is another great way to get out some frustration!

Smores Brownies7

Sweet Revenge not only has some great recipes like the ones above but also handy tips, gorgeous photos and cute drawings.  The downside of Sweet Revenge was that some of the flavour combinations were a little too out there for me vis a vis:

But you know what?  There are always going to be recipes that I don’t  fancy in any book. And it might be better to be edgy than boring! And I know I am making a judgement on a sample size of one but this seems like a pretty solid book – the brownies were amazing!

Here’s the recipe.  This is straight from the book so you can get a feel for the style:

Smores Brownies9


Here are some wise words from Heather on why you should bake for your enemies and exes:

And more wise words on revenge from Old Blue Eyes himself…

Get out there and be successful!  And bake these brownies! 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Capstone / Switch Press for the ARC. 

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