Zitronenauflauf is the German (?) name for a delightful lemon dessert that is a cross between a soufflé and a pudding.  And it’s delicious.  I love lemon in sweets so this was a perfect choice for our Z Dessert!



The recipe for the Zitronenauflauf comes from a recipe book called Best of The Bake-Off Recipes by Trevor Wilson.  But seeing as it is from 1969 is not THE Bake-Off that we all know and love but, as the cover tells us from the Butter White-Wings Bake-Off.  Whatever that may have been.  

Bake Off

I don’t normally put the recipes so close to the top but I felt this one deserved some special attention.

Zitronenauflauf Recipe

The pudding ingredients are what you would expect – butter sugar, flour, lemons.  The addition of green apples is a nice touch and worked really well!    No problems there at all!


But let’s take a closer look at the wine sauce.  Notice something missing?


Maybe I’m being too picky but in my book?  If you’re going to call something wine sauce, it damn well better have wine in it.  Maybe back in ’69, they had to euphemise and everyone knew  “grape juice”  meant the hard stuff.  And now because it doesn’t have a string of emojis next to it, the subtleties are lost on us.    If it said  “Grape juice” 😜 🍷 then maybe we’d have a clue.

For the record, I used a dessert wine instead of grape juice in mine and it was delicious!


The Zitronenauflauf has two layers, the top is a gorgeously light and lemony sponge.  Below this, there is a custardy, more pudding-y layer with the apples.  It is lovely on its own but with that sauce…oh my…its next level!  And it is super fun to put on your best German accent and repeat the word Zitronenauflauf.  

So, one more Z to go….and with it, the reveal of the book that is taking the place of The A-Z as the book I will be cooking from over the next….lord knows how long…it’s a whopper – 560 pages all the way from 1972.  I think it’s going to be fun…

Have a wonderful week!

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