It’s coming…you know what I mean.  THAT day…with the hearts and flowers and enough cute to make a cynic like me do a lot of this: đź™„.  This year instead of regaling you with a bad date story (because I couldn’t think of one) I’m going to share some recipes designed to rev you up in all the right ways!!!! 

Many, many months ago, someone emailed me and asked if I would review a book for a friend of his.  I agreed and he sent me the book.  Which I promptly lost.  Not entirely my fault.  It disappeared when my computer died last year.  So I ended up buying it because a promise is a promise right?  Even if it is a year or so late!

So here it is – Intimacy on The Plate!


That cover!!!! 

It’s so gorgeous and also highly suggestive!!!!  You don’t have to be Doctor Freud to get that allusion do you?  

The philosophy of Intimacy on The Plate is simple:

Amen to that!

Intimacy on The Plate is also lots of fun! 

Some of the recipes have saucy names in keeping with the theme.  You’d really set the scene for your romantic evening by serving any of these:

  • Passionate Foreplay Salad
  • Striking Night Salad
  • Champagne Foreplay
  • Erotic Baked Mushrooms
  • Hot Love Beverage

Some are possibly not so well named or thought out:

Trout in a Banana Coat and Beef in a Banana Blanket are both not for me.  Or, I think anyone I would want to seduce.

And Watermelon Slash?  Has connotations that are also not for me.  But I’m sure it’s making someone out there’s heart race a little!

But Intimacy on The Plate is not just about funny names.  It is meticulously researched.  It took Olga Petrenko nearly a decade to write and it is obvious she knows her stuff!!!! 

Mango, Avocado and Trout Salad

For example, let’s look at this Mango, Avocado and Trout Salad,  Not only was it DELICIOUS and so pretty – the mix of colours was gorgeous – but did you know this about the main ingredients?


  • In India and Pakistan, Eve tempted Adam with a mango, not an apple
  • In India, it is recommended that men with sexual problems eat lots of mangoes


  • The ancient Aztecs called the avocado tree “the testicle tree” because of the way the fruit hangs in pairs from the branches.
  • Avocados contain phytosterols which awaken sexual desire in men and women
  • The high fat content can help to give energy to any physical activity


  • Is full of zinc and selenium which promote the production of testosterone.

This  Tuna Avocado Boat?

Tuna Avocado Boat

Contains both egg and onions.  Both of which are aphrodisiacs on their own.  Olga says:

“If you combine eggs with onions they become an even greater aphrodisiac. In fact, adding garlic and onions to food was forbidden in monasteries because it could cause inappropriate sexual desire”.

The Red Caviar Charm Appetizer shown below contains salmon and the aforementioned eggs

Red Caviar Charm AppetizerSalmon

  • Contains melatonin which is necessary for cellular rejuvenation.
  • Contains pyridoxine which improves cellular metabolism, mood and endurance.
  • Contains arginine which is required to produce nitric oxide which produces better quality erections.  And ladies, you don’t miss out either, because it also improves lubrication.  

And finally, the Pineapple Chia Smoothie, that was the first photo.

Pineapple Chia Smoothie

Ha!  We all know how pineapple is good for the boys right?  Wrong!  You can give him all the pineapple in the world and it isn’t going to change a thing!!!!

It does contain B vitamins to increase physical strength and energy though.

The bromelian in pineapple which is also found in bananas, another ingredient in this smoothie, helps in the production of seratonin.

Bananas also contain enzymes that strengthen the male libido and B6 which helps female anorgasmia.

Here’s a link to the website for Intimacy on The Plate, containing the recipe for the Mango, Trout and Avocado Salad and a few of the other recipes mentioned above.

Intimacy on The Plate

Whether you are looking for seductive food for THAT or any other special day, want some new and tasty recipes or, if like me you are a total food geek and love to learn more about anything to do with food then I can heartily recommend Intimacy on The Plate!  Maybe even buy it as a gift for that special person this V Day!

Have a great week!

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