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Devil’s Food Cupcakes

What better way to end my devil themed blogiversary party than with some Devil’s Food  from the Domestic Goddess? 

I adapted Nigella’s recipe into cupcakes and much deliciousness ensued!

Devil's Food Cupcake1

These were easy to make, and tasted amazing!  A deep chocolate flavour and they were (apologies in advance) super moist.  They also lasted for close to a week in the fridge…we are after all only two people and the mix made 15 cupcakes.  I took half  into work to share the love but someone managed to eat all of his half by himself.  Not so fussy after all it appears!

Devil's Food Cupcake2jpg

If you head over to You tube you can see Nigella make this cake herself and hear her utter my favourite phrase of the clip when she speaks about mixing the cocoa, muscovado sugar and hot water into  a “malevolently dark syrup”.  It is Devil’s Food Cake after all!

Devil's Food Cupcake3I pretty much followed Nigella’s recipe except that I added a tablespoon of coffee granules into that same “malevolently dark syrup” because it wasn’t already rich and dark enough!  Also because I made cupcakes, I adjusted the cooking time.  Mine were in the oven for 18 minutes. 

Devil's Food Cupcake4Can I just say….that frosting!!!!!  OMG.   I ate so much of it I felt sick.  Then I ate some more because it was so good!


Devil's Food Cupcakes
Yields 12
A luscious chocolate cake with a rich chocolate frosting. Sinfully Good!
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For the Cake
  1. 50 grams best-quality cocoa powder (sifted)
  2. 100 grams dark brown muscovado sugar
  3. 250 millilitres boiling water
  4. 1 tbsp coffee granules (optional)
  5. 125 grams soft unsalted butter (plus some for greasing)
  6. 150 grams caster sugar
  7. 225 grams plain flour
  8. ½ teaspoon baking powder
  9. ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  10. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  11. 2 large eggs
For the Frosting
  1. 125 millilitres water
  2. 30 grams dark brown muscovado sugar
  3. 175 grams unsalted butter (cubed)
  4. 300 grams best-quality dark chocolate (finely chopped)
  5. Sprinkles to decorate
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4/350°F.
  2. Line muffin pans with cupcake liners. I made 15 cupcakes from this mixture but the number of cupcakes will depend on the size of your containers.
  3. Put the cocoa, the coffee, if using, and 100g / half cup dark muscovado sugar into a bowl with a bit of space to spare, and pour in the boiling water.
  4. Whisk to mix, then set aside.
  5. Cream the butter and caster sugar together, beating well until pale and fluffy.
  6. While this is going on, stir the flour, baking powder and bicarb together in another bowl, and set aside for a moment.
  7. Still mixing, add the vanilla extract into the creamed butter and sugar . Then drop in 1 egg, quickly followed by a scoopful of flour mixture, then the second egg.
  8. Keep mixing and incorporate the last of the flour. Then fold in the cocoa mixture, scraping the mixing bowl well with a spatula.
  9. Divide this batter into the cupcake liners, filling to just over halfway.
  10. Place in the oven and cook until a skewer comes out clean - it was around 18 minutes for me but will depend on the size of your cupcakes.
  11. Remove from the tins and cool on a wire rack.
For The Frosting
  1. Put the water, 30g / 2 tablespoons muscovado sugar and 175g butter in a pan over a low heat to melt.
  2. When this mixture begins to bubble, take the pan off the heat and add the chopped chocolate, swirling the pan so that all the chocolate is hit with heat, then leave for a minute to melt before whisking till smooth and glossy.
  3. Leave for about 1 hour, whisking now and again.
  4. Spread or pipe the frosting over the cupcakes.
  5. Decorate with sprinkles or your decoration of choice.
If you want to make this as a large cake, watch Nigella's You Tube clip or you can find the recipe here
Adapted from Nigella Lawson
Adapted from Nigella Lawson
Retro Food For Modern Times
 If you’re serving these to guest or even if there is just two of you, make sure you spirit one of these away in case you have the need for a Nigella inspired midnight feast!

Devil's Food Cupcake5

Have a great week! 

The Devil Cocktail

Signature 2


Devilled Burgers. Taste Heavenly!

Like rock and roll and dancing in that town in Footloose, burgers must be the work of the devil.  There is no other explanation for something so simple tasting so good!  And that’s just normal burgers.  Once you have tried Margaret Fulton’s Devilled Burgers you will be ready to sell your soul for the recipe!

Devilled HamburgersNot that you have to of course.  The recipe is at the end of the post.  No soul selling involved!

So what makes the Devilled Burger so special? 

Oh and warning ahead…I am going to drop the dreaded M word.  You know, the one that rhymes with foist.  Haters beware!

One thing  I have noticed about a couple of old hamburger recipes is that they use bread soaked in evaporated milk.  This may both look and sound pretty gross but I think this combo really helps to keep the burgers moist.  There.  I’ve said it. 

Devilled Hamburgers3This mixture turns into something that resembles either wallpaper paste or the gruel from Oliver but I think it does the job.  I had these two nights running and I was expecting that reheating them on the second night would make them dry but no, they were as juicy as ever!  Possibly even better than the first night.

Other ingredients are finely chopped mushrooms (sorry Jenny), mustard, tomato ketchup, green Habanero sauce, horseradish and Worcestershire Sauce!  No wonder these are tasty little demons!

Devilled Hamburgers4These are so good.  Who could believe  ground beef could be so tasty? These have rocked straight in at number two on my best burgers ever (right behind my spicy feta burgers)!  Hmmm..,.now what would happen if you added some feta and cumin to this recipe?  The burger to end all burgers? Burgergeddon?  I now so want to try it out!

Top these burgers with your favourite toppings, mine are in the recipe below and enjoy!!!!

If serving at your own devil theme party, why not lay out your salad ingredients and condiments and any other trimmings you like and let your guests create their own version of the Devilled Burger?

Devilled Burgers
Yields 12
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  1. 4 slices bread
  2. 3/4 cup evaporated milk
  3. 1 kilo minced (ground) beef
  4. 2 tsp salt
  5. pepper to taste
  6. 1 chopped onion
  7. 2 eggs
  8. 250g chopped mushrooms (optional)
  9. 1.5 tsp Dijon Mustard
  10. 1/4 cup tomato ketchup or mild chilli sauce (I used a combination of ketchup and green habanero sauce)
  11. 2 tsp prepared horseradish
  12. 2 tsp Worchestershire sauce
  13. 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  14. 2 tsp green Habenero sauce
  15. Lettuce leaves
  16. Tomato Slices
  17. Vintage Cheddar, thinly sliced
  18. Red Onions, thinly sliced
  19. Pickles
  1. Remove the crusts from the read, cut into squares and soak in evaporated milk for 10 minutes, then beat with a fork.
  2. Mix meat, bread, salt, pepper, onion, mushrooms, mustard, tomato ketchup and/or chilli sauce, horseradish and Worchestershire Sauce in large bowl. Mix in the eggs with a fork.
  3. Shape into 10 even sized patties.
  4. Heat some oil in a frying pan and gently fry the red onions .
  5. Preheat the grill and grill the hamburgers on one side for 7-8 minutes on one side and ^ minutes on the other. Add a slice of cheese using and grill for a further minute or so until the cheese has melted.
  6. Whilst the hamburger is cooking, toast your buns.
  7. Mix the mayonnaise and the green habanero sauce together and spread over the buns.
  8. Top with a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato.
  9. Place the burger on top of the tomato and top with the fried onions and the burger bun.
  10. Pickles can be served on the side or in the burger or not at all!
Adapted from The Margaret Fulton Cookbook
Adapted from The Margaret Fulton Cookbook
Retro Food For Modern Times

Devilled Hamburgers2

Oh and look!  Is that a bottle of Lychee Beer in the background?  Yes indeed.  Just doing a little taste testing for the margarita to come.  Or should that be a lagerita?

Have a fab week!  Next time, we’ll be wrapping up our devil themed party with an appropriately titled cake from the Domestic Goddess herself!

The Devil Cocktail

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Fryer Beets The Deviled Egg

Ok…call me Captain Obvious but subtlety has never been a strong suit of mine or this blog.  There was one and only ever one choice for the appetizer for my Devil party.  And here they are in all their bright pink glory – beet dyed deviled eggs!

Beet Devilled EggsI have wanted to make these for ages but in a weird twist of fate, I am not a huge fan of the beetroot whilst the fussiest eater in the world is quite fond of it.  We’ve had a few months of

“Can you please save me your beetroot juice*”

“What do you want beetroot juice for?”

“Blog stuff”


Followed by:

“Where’s the beetroot juice?”

“Oh.  I forgot”

(*We know it is not actually juice)

Finally all our stars aligned.  Just in time for the blogiversary I had beetroot juice! And I was not afraid to use it!

Beet Devilled Eggs2I cannot tell you how much I love a deviled egg!!!  In fact I am going to make a deviled egg part of the annual alphabetical blogiversary party.  That way I can make them at least once a year! 

Given the brightness of the eggs, the filling here is very simple – just Dijon Mustard and mayo. The topping is a slice of pickled chilli, a slice of green olive and a knotted chive, straight from the garden!

Beet Devilled Eggs3These were so much fun to make. The “white” eggs you can see in these photos are actually also very slightly pink.  I had them in the beetroot mixture for only about 5 minutes.  Quite clearly not enough.  The dark pink eggs were in for about an hour. 

And for anyone who shares my dislike of beetroot, these do not taste at all like beetroot or vinegary from the pickling liquid. 

Oh and in blog news, I think the incredibly smart and handsome team at WordPress have fixed the issue with my comments so, if you are of a mind, please feel free to test this out and drop me a line!

Beet Devilled Eggs

Some Devilish Recommendations

I can’t recall if I have spoken about my love for The Black Tapes and Tanis Podcasts, both from Pacific North West Stories previously but they are pretty much my favourite things to listen to at the moment.

And The Black Tapes in particular… one of the scariest things I have ever listened to.  I am a bit lot of a coward but I can only listen to this during the day on days when the fussiest eater in the world is home because if I listened to it on the nights when I am alone in the house I might never sleep again!   If you’re missing the X Files, this might be the remedy!


Beet Deviled Eggs
What's better than a deviled egg? A pink deviled egg!
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  1. 3 eggs, boiled
  2. liquid from a can of beetroot
  3. 2 tbsp mayonnaise
  4. 2 tsp Dijon mustard
  5. salt and pepper
  6. 6 slices of green olive
  7. 6 slices red pickled chilli
  8. 6 chives
  1. Peel the eggs and place back in the pan.
  2. Cover with the liquid from the can of beetroot.
  3. Leave to soak from 15 minutes to overnight, depending on how deep you want the pink to be.
  4. Once you are happy with the colour, remove from the pan, wipe dry and cut each egg in half.
  5. Scoop out the yolks and mash with the mustard and mayo.
  6. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Pile (or pipe) back into the whites.
  8. Garnish with the chives, chilli and olives.
Retro Food For Modern Times
Have a wonderful week.  And don’t forget to misbehave!

The Devil Cocktail

Signature 2PS – In a piece of shameless appropriation, the title of this post is based on the Glenn David Gold book, Carter Beats The Devil

The Devil Made Me Do It

Welcome to my Blogiversary!  Enter if you dare!  Because the theme of this party is The Devil!  I’ve even dressed up for the occasion. 

We’re about to get things started.  But first, allow me to introduce you to our eponymous cocktail du jour – The Devil! 

The Devil2When I was younger I longed to be the kind of person who had HollyGolightlyesqe parties where glamorous women smoked cigarettes from ridiculously long cigarette holders,  people danced in crowded rooms and a drunk invariably wore a lampshade on his head.

People at these parties seemed to get drunk incredibly quickly and I had been wondering what it was that, seemingly in a matter of minutes could turn you from this:

To This:

Now I think  I know.  It’s this:

The Devil3Beware! The Devil is Potent!  Delicious but it’s got a kick like a kangaroo!  And totally perfect to kick off my devilishly themed 4th birthday celebrations! 

TheDevil5Even better, it’s hellishly simple to make.  Just three ingredients and you’re done!  The original recipe calls for a splash of  lemon juice and a lemon garnish.  I had some kumquats left over from last week’s canapés so I used them instead.

The Devil
A simple, delicious but highly potent cocktail. Enjoy but beware...the devil's voice is sweet to hear. Drink this one wisely!
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  1. 1 part Tawny Port
  2. 3/4 part Dry Vermouth
  3. Ice cubes
  4. Dash of lemon or kumquat juice
  5. Lemon twist or kumquat slice to garnish
  1. Chill your cocktail glass in the freezer.
  2. Add the ice cubes to a glass and stir in the port, the vermouth and the lemon (kumquat) juice.
  3. Strain into the chilled cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with a twist of lemon or a kumquat slice.
  5. Enjoy!
Adapted from Drinks Mixer
Adapted from Drinks Mixer
Retro Food For Modern Times
 Just remember to go easy – I think where The Devil is concerned, we need to heed the words of Dorothy Parker. 

“I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I’m under the table,
after four I’m under my host.”

On a non-birthday note, many thanks to both Donna and Yinzerella for letting me know the comments aren’t working. The WordPress support team of people a lot smarter than me are working to help me fix it!  Until it’s fixed, please feel free to comment via Facebook or Twitter!

Have a great week!  I”ll be preparing us some devillish appetizers!

The Devil CocktailSignature 2


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