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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Podcasts + A Giveaway

Hey people of the internet..I know, it’s been a while… it’s been a pretty shitty start to the year. 

My step father passed away a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a horrible, weird, grief filled couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll talk about it more in time but at the moment….it’s still all a bit too raw. I had written most of this post on the Peter Piper cocktail before all the shit got real.  So, here it is, pretty much unedited because I just want to get something out to resume some semblance of normality….

Don’tcha just love it when two three of your favorite things come together in a perfect storm of awesomeness?  Of course you do!  Which is how I came to find the Peter Piper cocktail. 

Peter Piper2The original Peter Piper Cocktail comes from a recipe by Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward.  So, here are some things you need to know about Georgia Hardstark.

  1. She can make a mean cocktail
  2. She loves vintage clothes
  3. Along with Karen Kilgariff she is the host of one of my favorite new podcasts, My Favourite Murder

One of which would be reason enough to like her.  All three combined? OMG….massive girl crush!

Peter Piper 5

Also, here are some things you need to know about the Peter Piper cocktail.  Actually, no just one.

The original recipe requires dry vermouth.  Do not assume that just because you had dry vermouth the last time you made a cocktail, that you will still have dry vermouth.  More specifically, do not wait until you have your vodka on ice in the damn cocktail shaker to realise that the dry vermouth has either disappeared into some Bermuda Trianglesque worm hole surrounding your bar cart or you drank a damn sight more of those Lord Suffolk cocktails on NYE than your memory has so far allowed you to admit. My money’s on the worm hole.  Because you know, a lot of things go missing from that area of the dining room.  And the stuff that is left?  The levels also mysteriously change.  Spooky..

Also, the girls used pepper vodka, I made my own chilli infused vodka and used that.  That is super easy to make – I just chopped up a Bird’s Eye Chilli and put it into a 100ml jar filled with vodka and left it for about a week.  And  there you have it.  Spicy vodka, perfect for mixing with pickle juice, and because you have no dry vermouth, a splash of Fino sherry.   With a kick of heat from the vodka, briny sour from the pickle juice, a hint of sweet and nuttiness from the sherry….the Peter Piper is truly a thing of beauty!  Perfect to drink with some salty chips whilst listening to your favourite podcast!

Peter Piper4As far as I am concerned one of the best things to come out of 2016 for me was a new found love for the podcast.  I have always been a big pod listener but l feel that last year raised the bar.  So, whilst we sip our Peter Piper’s I’m going to take you through my Top 5 of the pods I discovered and loved in 2016. 

These are vaguely in order of my discovery of them and not necessarily my love of them.  Except the first three are probably also my top three in terms of love too.

1. The Black Tapes

It’s kinda X Files with loads of creepy children, music that will make you die within a year of hearing it, missing wives, and villain who looks like a Sexy James Bond.  Not to mention evil monasteries and people having their faces ripped off.

Start with:  You really need to listen to these in order.  Start with S1, Episode1. 

Standout Episode:  The creepy knocking on Alex’s sleep tape gave me chills

2. Tanis

What have I not already said about my love for Tanis.  (Brought to you by Pacific North West Stories who also produce The Black Tapes?).

Oh yeah – Both The Black Tapes and Tanis have been on  hiatus for a while but The Sandy Island episodes which are for Patreon subscribers only?  Totally amazing and made me fall in love with Tanis all over again.  Also see my Tanis inspired cocktail posts:

Here for The Black and Tanis

Here for the Eld Fen Martini

Here for the Navigator

Here for the Sex on The Breach

Start With: As with The Black Tapes you need to listen to this in order

Standout Episode: I really liked S1 E3, The Girl in The High Tower which touched on the death of Elisa Lam.  And anything with Geoff Van Sant.  Or MK.  So all of them.

3 My Favourite Murder

Who thought a podcast about murder could be hilarious?  Well, let Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff change your mind. And just in case you are wondering, never disrespectful about the victims.  They may not be the best researched of all the true crime pods that I will list but they are by far my favourite.  I love these gals!


And OMG, the memes that have come out of this.  From the catch cry “Stay sexy, don’t get murdered” to “You’re in a cult, call your dad” to “Here’s the thing, fuck everyone”

Don’t Start With: The Canadian Greyhound Bus Cannibal.  This one scared the crap out of me.  I was almost too scared to go on public transport for weeks after listening to this one!

Start With:The Alphabet Killer.   This is absolutely what fascinates me about these things.  No spoilers but how did that thing become his thing?  Also the one on Israel Keyes.  He looks like a guy you would see at a beachside pub wearing a polo shirt and boat shoes and talking too loudly to his bros.  Not a serial killer, rapist, bank robber and arsonist.   The Israel Keyes episode also spawned the now famous rules of hiking:

  • Go in packs of five
  • With knives
  • With fucking Rottweilers
  • With knives taped to your hands
  • And knives taped to your Rottweilers
  • And then just tons of guns
  • And just start shooting at any sound you hear
  • Anyone who fucking approaches you – shoot them

Other: They also have the best fan made merch. I  just ordered one of these “Stay sexy, don’t get murdered rings” off Etsy. I feel it’s my version of the WWJD bangle.

4. Casefile

This is also true crime but from Australia.  And if  MFM is  entirely personality driven, Casefile is the facts ma’am just the facts. The host is even anonymous.  This is not exclusively Australian content but there is a lot of it on here, proving that when it comes to nutters and psychopaths, we can certainly hold our own with the rest of the world!


Start With: Peter Falconio. I remember this case so well.  I also remember how they demonised his poor girlfriend in the media.  

Standout Episode: Snowtown.  OMG.  Find out what happens when a group of people who individually were only ever going to be losers and fuck ups meet up.  Spoiler – it ends with bodies in barrels.

In Adelaide. 

Of course.

5. The Sofa King Podcast

These guys started following me on Insta so I gave their pod a listen and have not stopped.  It’s a mix of true crime, cults, conspiracies, mysteries, and things that go bump in the night. 


Start with: Their take on Dahmer.  Because no one else will tell you that they found a painted preserved penis in his work locker.  For real.

Standout Episode:  The 411.  This is about people going missing in National Parks.  I laughed so hard whilst listening to this that I had to pull my car over to the side of the road because I was no longer capable of driving.  Believe me, you will never see Gary Coleman in the same light!  

Peter Piper2

Peter Piper Cocktail
A delicious savoury cocktail
Write a review
  1. 125ml chilli / pepper vodka
  2. 60ml pickle brine
  3. Splash fino sherry or dry vermouth
  4. Cornichons, pickled jalapenos, green olive to garnish
  1. Add the vodka, pickle brine and sherry to a shaker filled with ice.
  2. Shake it like a polaroid picture.
  3. Pour into 2 glasses and garnish with a sliced cornichon, a green olive and a pickled jalapeno.
  4. Enjoy!
Adapted from Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward
Retro Food For Modern Times
 Okay so I have a couple of 1990’s magazines and a 1990’s cookbook on pasta and risotto, all from my personal collection to share with readers.  Point me in the way of your favourite podcasts or let me know if you share my faves and these can be yours!  Leave a comment here, on facebook or instagram or tweet me.

Have a wonderful week! And give someone you love a big hug….

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Lord Suffolk Cocktail

Top of the list of my New Year’s Eve libations this year was a cheeky little  cocktail called the Lord Suffolk. 

Lord Suffolk CocktailFeatured in the classic Savoy Cocktail Book from 1930, the Lord Suffolk is a gin based cocktail and believe me, it is deeelicious!!!! It’s so good! 

On top of the gin you have herby notes from vermouth, citrus from Cointreau and a nutty flavour from Maraschino liqueur. 

This will however knock you flat if you have more than one though so go easy!

I’ve included a cautionary tale via some dating tips from the 1930’s  to guide you in the correct etiquette of dealing with the Lord Suffolk so why not make yourself one, sit back, sip up an enjoy!

First Impressions

Him:  Is that a nip I see before me?  Mummy warned me about loose non-brassièred women like you. Must.  Avert.  Eyes.   OMG, you’ve also got cankles!

Her: Calm down, that’s just my wrinkled stockings. 

Pre – Date Chit Chat

Her:  I wish I could just tug my girdle around a little bit.  I feel it’s making me sit awkwardly.  Good thing I have a jawful of Stay Calm Chewing gum or I’d be ready to bury an axe in your boring AF head.

Him:  If you snap your gum at me one more time, I’m going to strangle you with my pristine white handkerchief.  And BTW you sit like a truck driver with elephantiasis of the testicles. It’s making me weirdly horny.

Out and About

Him:  Mummy gave me that hankie.  She washed and ironed it specially for me, and now it’s RUINED, you harlot!

Her: If only this was the 21st century where the object I am holding would be a mobile phone and not a compact.  I could

a) send a selfie to my bestie asking her if she thinks I should have worn a brassière tonight and,

b) ask her to call me  to say she’s had a girdle tugging emergency and needs me to come immediately.

One Lord Suffolk Later

Lord Suffolk Cocktail2Her:  This is the best drink I’ve ever had.  Let’s go dance one of those new fangled jitterbugs!

Him:  You know, you’re not so bad after all.  Waiter, another round of these delightful Lord Suffolk cocktails!

The Dance Floor

Her: You put the boom-boom into my heart, You send my soul sky high when your lovin’ starts
Jitterbug into my brain, Goes a bang-bang-bang ’til my feet do the same.  (RIP George Michael!)

Him:  STFU!  How do you expect me to concentrate on perfecting my moves like Jagger when your incessant idiotic ramblings prevent me from hearing the beat?  And whose hat is that?

Two Lord Suffolk’s Later

Her: I love you Lord Suffolk, you’re my best friend.

Him: I hate you.  And whose fucking hat is that?

Three Lord Suffolk’s Later

Her: Zzzzzzzz

Him: Dear Mummy, you were right, all women are drunken sluts…

Random Double Breasted Suit Wearing Stranger: My hat!  Mamma  Mia!! What has she done to my hat? 

Lord Suffolk Cocktail
Write a review
  1. 5/8 Gin - I used Beefeater
  2. 1/8 Italian Dry Vermouth*
  3. 1/8 Cointreau
  4. 1/8 Luxardo Maraschino
  5. Lemon Peel to garnish
  1. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  2. Garnish with a strip of lemon peel.
  1. *The original recipe used sweet vermouth. I tried with both sweet and dry and preferred the dry. Use your preference.
Adapted from The Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930 by Harry Craddock
Adapted from The Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930 by Harry Craddock
Retro Food For Modern Times
Have a great week and whatever you do, keep your dignity.  And don’t tug your girdle.
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French Pink Lady

How can I have been doing this so long and never have spoken about my unabiding love for the movie Grease?  I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have watched it.  And I always wanted to be in a cool girl gang like The Pink Ladies.  However , today we are not going to talk about my want to be this type of pink lady:

But about a classic cocktail of the same name – possibly the inspiration for the name of the aforementioned girl gang as I believe the Pink Lady was popular drink in the 1950’s.  My “French” take on the classic Pink Lady is that, traditionally applejack is an ingredient in a Pink Lady.  However, Applejack was not available in my little suburban bottle shop so I subbed in Calvados. Using French Apple brandy is also a teeny homage to one of the Pink Ladies, Frenchie!

So, in the infamous words of Rizzo,  “Okay girls, let’s go get ’em”

pink-lady1The Pink Lady has been around for decades, according to the fount of all knowledge Wikipedia, it was already well known in the Prohibition era.  It was also the drink of choice of choice of Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield.  I’m not sure if she is holding a Pink Lady in the picture below but it’s pink so let’s put two and two together and raise a glass with Jayne!  OMG…how glamourous is she!  If just ONE day of my life I could have that sort of va-va-voom I would die happy! 

Don’t let the sweet and innocent look of the Pink Lady lull you into a false sense of security.  This is not girly drink made from sugar and spice and all things nice.  The Pink Lady packs a punch!  It almost straight gin, topped up with Applejack / Calvados, with a dash of grenadine, a splash of lemon juice and an egg white being the non-alcoholic components. 


So, as a little bit of fun, if you are a lover of the Pink Ladies and / or Grease in general, why not  take this fun quiz on Vimio?

Which Grease Character are you?

I’m going to put the recipe first, then I will reveal who I got…

French Pink Lady
Write a review
  1. 45ml gin
  2. 22.5 ml calvados
  3. 7.5 ml lemon juice
  4. 1-2 dashes grenadine
  5. 1 egg white
  6. Maraschino cherry for garnish
  1. Pour the gin, calvados, lemon juice and grenadine into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Shake vigorously.
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.
Retro Food For Modern Times
Okay, so….I got Marty “You know, as in cherry”, Maraschino.  Very happy to take that.  But then again, I would have been happy with any of the Pinks.  Except maybe Jan.

martyI would love to know who you get if you do the quiz!  Let me know in the comments!

I am on a work trip to Canberra for the next few days.  There will be precious little time for sight-seeing in our Capital city  but I’ll try to fit in a run and see if I can get some photos to share with you all.  And right now I need to go pack my bag for the flight tomorrow morning!

Have a fabulous week and remember – think pink!

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Rosy Old Maid

Hey, hey – it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world, which means it’s cocktail time!  And today I am taking a twist on the cucumber and mint gin cocktail called the Old Maid and adding some floral notes to make a gorgeous Rosy Old Maid!

rosy-old-maid1Pretty huh? 

And taking that as our cue, how about we kill this beast of a myth of the Old Maid?

Bachelor has the connotation of someone being footloose and fancy free, a playboy, a man about town.  Old Maid and it’s sister word, spinster have no such positive associations.  Take for instance, this discussion I had with my beloved mother some time before I met the fussiest eater in the world.  I had to pick her up from some function –  church group, art group, book club, some place where I knew not one of her cronies.  And this happened:

 “So when you get there, come in and you meet everyone.  But don’t worry; I’ve told them you’re not a lesbian.”

rosy-old-maid3“Ooooooookayyyyyyyyyy……eeeeeerrrrrmmmmmm…..I guess I’m not a lot of things….any particular reason you chose to share that one?”

“Well.  You’re thirty years old and not married.  I thought they would think there was something wrong with you”.

“Well, they probably still think that.  But now they know I’m not getting any girl action as well as any boy action….you actually made it worse”

“So what should I tell them?”

“Either that I have a genetically inherited obnoxious personality disorder or to mind their own business”.


So, the Rosy Old Maid is pretty as a picture, sexy, sassy, sweet to look at but also with a powerful kick!  This Old Maid is bold and confident This is a drink that knows it’s worth and is comfortable with its place in the world. And that’s the image we want to take with us when we talk about Old Maids in future. 

I used Hendricks in this because it totally matched the rose and cucumber flavours in the cocktail.  If not using Hendricks, I would suggest using an extra drop of rosewater.

Here’s the recipe:

Rosy Old Maid
A delightful rosy pink take on the Old Maid Cocktail
Write a review
  1. 2 oz. gin
  2. 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  3. 3/4 oz. simple syrup
  4. 3 cucumber wheels (cut 1/4-inch thick)
  5. 6-7 mint leaves
  6. 2-3 drops rosewater
  7. splash of Grenadine
  8. Sprig of mint and slice of cucumber to garnish
  1. Combine all ingredients (except garnish) into a shaker with ice.
  2. Shake.
  3. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish.
Adapted from Imbibe Magazine
Adapted from Imbibe Magazine
Retro Food For Modern Times
 So, come on people, embrace your inner (or outer) Old Maid and have one (or two ) of these in celebration of the wonderful single women in your life!  

rosy-old-maid1Have a great week!

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Halloween Cocktail – Bloody Sundress

Hey Hey,

How’s your weekend coming along?  I’ve been adding some final touches to my costume for a Halloween party next Friday.  Meaning I now have red glitter glue all over me, the dogs, my dining room table and the good Lord only knows where else!  Time to chill out with a Halloween appropriate cocktail, the Bloody Sundress.


This comes from the book True Blood Drinks and Bites by Gianna Sobol and Alan Ball:

The cocktail celebrates the scene in one of the early episodes where Sookie, goes to Fangtasia wearing this adorable white sundress:


And ends up like this:

Yeah, I know, we’ve all had nights like that right?

It does lead to this very memorable line from Pam: 

Ok, so maybe we haven’t all had nights quite like that!

And now for the Bloody Sundress Cocktail.  If this is what vampire blood tastes like then give me more!  It combines the tartness of pomegranate juice with zinginess of limoncello and fresh lime so it is quite tangy   I loved it!  If you really do not like sour flavours just add more simple syrup until it is sweet enough for you!  I also really liked the touch of rosewater in this too!

This could very easily become my go to summer cocktail.  It’s very refreshing and a gorgeous rosé wine colour.  So pretty!  Perfect for a day with the girls!


Bloody Sundress Cocktail
A delicious tangy cocktail
Write a review
  1. 1 1/2 oz of vodka
  2. 1 oz limoncello
  3. 1 oz unsweetened pomegranate juice
  4. 1/2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
  5. 1/2 tsp or more (or less) simple syrup
  6. 3-4 drops rosewater
  7. ice cubes
  8. lemon twist
  1. Place a cocktail glass in the freezer to chill.
  2. Pour all the ingredients except for the lemon twist into a cocktail shaker.
  3. Shake until well chilled.
  4. Remove the glass from the freezer, add some fresh ice cubes.
  5. Strain the cocktail into the glass.
  6. Garnish with the lemon twist.
  7. Enjoy!
Adapted from True Blood Drinks and Bites by Gianna Sobol and Alan Ball
Adapted from True Blood Drinks and Bites by Gianna Sobol and Alan Ball
Retro Food For Modern Times

And now for my costume.  Want a hint?  Here you go.  These will be in my hair:


Not ringing any bells?  Well, these need a couple more coats of glitter and they will be good to go!


Have a wonderful week.  I’ll be following a yellow brick road somewhere.  What are you up to?  Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?

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