Dear readers…you have no idea of the indignities I sometimes have to suffer to bring you this. 

But first, let me tell you how my recipe for Cherry Beer Margaritas recipe came about.  A little while ago, I was pottering around on Pinterest and I found several recipes for Cherry Beer Margaritas. Happy Days, I thought and began a clicking frenzy.  Only, not one of these recipes was what I expected.  I thought that these would be Cherry Beer Margaritas….i.e. margaritas made from Belgian Cherry Beer.  Instead, they were all beer margaritas with some sort of cherry flavouring. 

I could not find a Cherry Beer Margarita the way I envisaged it for love or money. And so I decided to make one.

Cherry Beer Margaritas

First problem.  I thought I would just run down to my local bottle shop and pick up some cherry beer and make me some margaritas.  Uh uh.  Not so speedy there, Gonzales. 

Cherry Beer Margaritas3

They had Ginger Beer, Mango Beer, Lychee Beer, Chilli Beer, about a billion flavours of Cider and Perry but no Cherry Beer.  This was repeated everywhere.  I actually shelved the idea for several months simply because I could not find Cherry Beer anywhere. 

That changed on the weekend.  But not without a cost.

Cherry Beer Margaritas5

I finally tracked down the one bottle shop in Melbourne that sells Belgian Cherry Beer. 

I asked for two bottles but they were on a very high shelf so the shopkeeper needed to climb up a ladder to get them.  Whilst he was climbing he started telling me that they were getting more, different cherry beers in a few weeks.  He rattled off some names. 

Cherry Beer

“I used to drink a Cherry Beer…but it wasn’t either of those”

“Was it Belle Vue?”

“Yes!  That’s the one”.

He said “That was a while ago”. 

I had totally lost interest by then and was looking round the shop to see what else I could buy.  “Yeah, I guess”

Cherry Beer Margaritas2

“Wow….was a REALLY long time ago”  The dude was giving me a look that quite clearly said “Would you like a pension card and a zimmer frame to go with your two beers, Granny?”

 “I beg your pardon what?” I asked him, giving him my best death stare and resisting the urge to kick that ladder right out from under him. 

“Erm…nothing.  Would you like anything else with that?”

How about one of these?

Giant Cup

The Cherry Beer Margaritas were everything I wanted them to be. A gorgeous deep red, a great cherry and citrus taste, a good kick of salt and a pleasant hit of booze.  Perfect drinking for a sunny afternoon! 

I used a  mix of vintage merlot salt I bought at Gewurzhaus and sea salt for the glass.  The merlot salt is such a gorgeous colour and looked really pretty on the glass  but any salt would do. 

It’s almost a shame these tasted so good because I won’t be going back to that shop in a hurry. Anyway, I doubt these ancient bones would make the trip! 

Anyone up for a lychee beer margarita?

Cherry Beer Margarita
A delicious cherry beer margarita with a twist - it contains Belgian Cherry Beer!
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  1. 30ml tequila
  2. 30ml lime juice
  3. 30ml triple sec
  4. 250ml Belgian Cherry Beer, I used Floris
To Garnish
  1. Salt, I used a Vintage Merlot Salt but any salt will be fine
  2. Lime circle
  3. Maraschino Cherry
  1. Fill your cocktail glass with ice and place in the freezer to chill.
  2. Mix the tequila, lime, triple sec together in a large measuring cup.
  3. Remove the glass from the fridge, tip out the ice.
  4. Rub the rim of the glass with lime and roll in the salt.
  5. Pour the tequila mix into the glass and top with the beer.
  6. Garnish with the lime and cherry.
  7. Enjoy!
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 Have a fabulous week!

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