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Cattle Country Salad for Cowboy Day

Go west they said.  I took their advice and not only went  west but a whole heap north as well to end  up in the UK for this year’s Cowboy Day.  I will be spending the actual day in the most haunted town in Britain! Maybe a ghost cowboy just like this one will appear on the day….

Spooky huh?

Something that is not at  all spooky is the  Cattle Country Beef Salad Salad l made to celebrate Cowboy day.  But first, this is the first time I am writing, editing,  and posting entirely via phone so let’s put any weirdness in this post, beyond the regular  weirdness down to that and I will re-edit, format as required once I get home!

Cattle Country Beef SaladWe don’t have cowboys in Australia.  We have cattlemen.  Who live in cattle country which is where this salad comes from.  Actually, it comes from Rosemary Mayne-Wilson’s Salads for All Seasons but you know what I mean.

So what all goes into a Cattle Country Beef Salad?

  1. Beef of course.  I suspect originally this would have been leftovers from the Sunday roast but I just bought from slices of roast beef from the supermarket. 
  2. Then there’s apples.  Because we all know one a day keeps the doctor away and you don’t want to get sick while you’re out riding the range.  
  3. There’s celery because…I dunno. What use is celery?  I like the taste of it but….oh that’s right.  Celery keeps the cattlemen skinny.  Because no one likes a tubby cowboy.  Specially the horses they ride around on all day.
  4. Spring onions.  To put a spring in their step.  

That was about it for the original ingredients.  I also added some mixed leaves because I had to use them before I left for the UK the following morning.  I also added some chunks of a lovely vintage cheddar.  Which also had to be used but cheese also makes anything taste better and this was no exception.

RMW suggests using a French dressing for this.  Make it really punchy by being HEAVY on the mustard.  The flavours in here are strong enough to deal with it. 

Cattle Country  Beef Salad 2This was yummy!!!! Quick simple delicious.  That’s an all round winner for me!  

Here’s the original recipe:

Okay, I’m trying to keep this short and sweet because posting off the phone is doing my head in.  

Many thanks to Greg from Recipes for Rebels for inviting me to participate in the cookalong again this year.  It is always a so much fun to be a part of something like this.  Plus, he”s one of the most awesome people on the internet so should just be thanked in general 

 I dont have my regular sign off this week but just look what can happen when bloggers get together.  For an explanation of why Battenberg Belle, Jenny Hammerton and I are wearing cowboy hats and clutching a meat cleaver, a melon baller and a hammer respectively, you’ll need to head over to Silver Screen Suppers but in the meantime, have a great Cowboy Day everyone!  

Goldilocksing Vitello Tonnato

Dear People of the Internet,

Have you ever been utterly obsessed by a recipe?  So much so that even when it confounds you time and time again, you have to keep trying to cook it to perfection? Just as Nic Silver is obsessed by Tanis, so have I been consumed by a search for a, no THE, perfect Vitello Tonnato.  My obsession started during the 2015 (2014?) season of My Kitchen Rules when Ash and Camilla made it.  Veal with Tuna Mayonnaise?  Really girls?  Really? But no. Despite my initial misgivings, the judges loved it!  And it’s kind of kooky and very retro.  Which are pretty much my criteria for food obsession.


They say the course of true love never runs smooth and so it was with my adventures with Vitello Tonnato.

Vitello Tonnato – The Bad

The first Vitello Tonnato I made came from, yep, you guessed it, The A-Z of Cooking, 1977. From the chapter entitled N is for Night Before to be precise.  It looked good enough but oh…..that veal.  That  veal was so stringy and fatty and revolting it was damn near inedible!

vitello-tonnato vitello-tonnato2This was a huge fail on the veal but props to the A-Z of Cooking, the tonnato was good!

Vitello Tonnato – The Ugly

Next up, I  went super modern.  This version of Vitello Tonnato came from a Tasty Reads Book club choice from earlier in the year which espoused the virtues of “clean” living.  The author has apparently lost quite a bit of weight eating this food and I am not surprised.  Pretty much everything I have made from it has been singularly awful. 

 The vitello tonnato was no exception.

The surprise was that the Tonnato was made from tofu.  And I’m not going to go on a tofu bashing rant because, as with everything, tofu has it’s place – miso soup, vegan curries? Awesome, brilliant, the more the better!  It just does not belong in Vitello Tonnato!  I made this to take to a Tasty Reads Cookbook Club meeting. 

Here is what I took:

almond-butter-prawnsWhat?  I hear you say.  That looks like the weirdest Vitello Tonnato in the world. It looks more like almond butter grilled prawns.  And you ‘d be right.  If they gave gold medals for things that tasted flipping disgusting and smelled like sick, that Tofu Tonnato would win hands down.  And the roast veal was again dry and fatty.  The veal went to the dogs, the tonnato went in the bin and I went down to the supermarket to buy the prawns for the dish you see above.  Incidentally, the prawns were one of the handful of decent recipes I have cooked from this book!

Vitello Tonnato – The Good

Normally, after two fails at a dish I would give it up as bad job.  But obsession is obsession and I still not done with Vitello Tonnato. And so, I turned back to the initial inspiration for making this dish – The MKR website.

vitello-tonnatoAnd you know what?  The third time was a charm!  This Vitello Tonnato was everything the other’s weren’t.  The veal was lovely and tender, the tonnato was tasty and the accoutrements – pickles, fried capers and micro herbs were perfection!

It was also the gift that kept on giving – it made a lovely dinner, and the next day, wrapped in lettuce leaves it made a super tasty lunch!

vitello-tonnatoHere is a link to the MKR recipe for Vitello Tonnato

The only problem with the MKR Vitello Tonnato is that you poach the veal in a gorgeous stock made with herbs and vegetables and white wine and stock.  And then presumably throw it out.  Not on my watch!  I kept it in the fridge over night and the following evening I roasted up some tomatoes, added this to the stock mix and voila, I had a super quick, easy and delicious tomato soup! Add some grilled cheese and it made the perfect work lunch!


So tell me.  Have you ever been obsessed by a recipe?  And how many times do you try something before giving up on it?

And have a super week! Signature 1 Vintage Valentine Quick as Wink2  Related articles














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